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Audio Post Production for Film, TV, Games and Media.


Final mixing and Deliverables to any specification.

Dialogue and SFX Editing

Using a vast range of plugins such as Izotope RX Suite, I can enhance, repair and perfect your dialogue and effects.

Sound Design

Providing full bespoke sound design for any production.


Audio Post Production

I am an Audio professional with 10 years worth of experience in film trailers & marketing, commercials, and currently, TV post production. I can offer dialogue editing, sound design, SFX editing, Tracklays, Re-Recording/Dubbing mixing and deliverables services for all types of media and stereo specifications. I use ProTools and a wide range of professional plugins depending on the job.

I love all things film, TV & video games and I'm looking to broaden my solo work portfolio and skills, so let's chat if you think I can help complete your project or any of your audio needs.

Video Control Board


Reigate, United Kingdom

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